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"From the open door, one of the gnachtolem females was watching them with black bead eyes buried in a face of dry snakeskin wrinkles, stoop-shouldered beneath the cumbersome weight of Sir Agurredin's portmanteau. She was a sturdy, square-built peasant, weathered by time, but like all mature gnachtolem of either sex, her age was unguessable. Her head was mostly bald and shaped like the pointed end of an egg, and what hair she had surrounded her pate as a frowsy orange corposant."

Negin Verst's description of the Dyre Qwee Qwertie in the first volume of Tales of the Chaluminch Quadrivium

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"They usually wander with uncertain motion from place to place, sometimes appearing to cleave close to the sails and masts; but they frequently leap up and down with intermission, affording an obscure flame, like that of a candle burning faintly. They are produced by some sulphureous and bituminous matter, which being beat down by the motion of the air above, and gathering together, is kindled by the agitation of the air, as butter is gathered together by the agitation of the cream. And from this appearance we infer that storms come from sulphureous spirits that rarify the air, and put it into a motion."

A description of corposants by Bernhardus Varenius (1622-1650)